Morrisons opts for humour at Christmas

Morrisons has taken a “comic” approach to Christmas in its advertising campaign in a bid to offer solutions to traditional challenges rather than “the usual cliches”.


Morrisons says the ad is a “huge departure” from its previous celebrity-led creative and aims to offer solutions to the traditional challenges of preparing Christmas, but with “added comic insights”.

Last year’s ad featured Freddie Flintoff and Bruce Forsyth.

Morrisons has aimed to dramatises the hard work mums do at Christmas and highlight the “comedy moments” that go with it rather than the “usual cliché of a perfect day”.

Scenes include a ‘turkey wrestle’ in a boxing ring, and mum needing three pairs of arms to get everything done. This Is England actress Jo Hartley stars as the mum.

Morrisons has focused on food preparation to highlight its fresh food proposition and its Market Street range.

The supermarket is also launching an interactive Facebook app called “Crimes against Christmas” which invites users to share real images of their own Christmases.

Music for the campaign was created for Morrisons by the Oscar Nominated American movie composer John Debney.

The campaign, created by DLKW Lowe, launches on Sunday (11 November) during the X Factor.

Morrisons yesterday (9 November) pledged to focus more on the craft skills of its staff in advertising after Dalton Philips, CEO, admitted that its marketing needed to improve to better communicate the supermarket’s points of difference.

He said though, that changes to Morrisons’ approach would be seen more strongly in quarter one than in its Christmas activity.