Most memorable Christmas campaigns

Every year many of the world’s top brands roll out their festive-themed marketing campaigns in the hope of convincing shoppers to choose them over rivals. While all try to connect with shoppers, only a few succeed.

Toys R Us

The toy retailer’s much-recognised TV spot from the 90s is an effective effort that uses the timeless jingle: “There’s a magical place; We’re on our way there; With toys in their millions; All under one roof”. By playing to children’s base desire for toys and parents sense of sharing something with their children, the brand created one of the most memorable festive ads ever. It proved so popular that it got remade for Christmas 2009.

Irn Bru and The Snowman

Irn Bru’s fun parody of Christmas TV staple The Snowman set the bar high for other brands wanting to raise a laugh during Christmas when it first launched in 2007. The drink brand does not do much advertising and had never run a festive TV push before this , so top marks for getting it right first time.

Coca-Cola – ‘Holidays are Comin’

‘Holidays are comin’, holidays are comin’ Those three little words and the sight of red lorries still herald the start of the festive season for many around the world. This 90s execution of the brand’s long-running festive series is a Christmas classic.

John Lewis

Even if you haven’t seen the ad, you’ve probably heard people talking about this tear jerker. Soundtracked by a cover of The Smiths ‘Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want’, John Lewis’ much garlanded 2011 ad hit all the right emotional chords showing a little boy as he impatiently waits for Christmas Day to give his parents their gift.

Quality Street – Magic Moments

Sometimes bigger is not always better when it comes to festive marketing. Nestle’s spot for its Quality Street brand is a case in point with its focus on a boy’s friendship with a lolly-pop lady. It’s a simple piece of creative, but perfectly captures the brand’s “magic moments” proposition in 30 secs.

Sainsbury’s and John Cleese

The supermarket’s Christmas tie-up with the Fawlty Towers star failed to provide much festive cheer. Despite the sight of Cleese in a Santa hat and the presence of Christmas grub, Sainsbury’s advert falls wide of the mark.



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