Mother knows best

The Mother’s Union calling on brands to sign Fairtrade-style pledges to protect children from advertising (“Brands urged to sign pledge to children”, MW 16 September) is in my view a PR stunt that promotes The Mother’s Union while doing little to protect children from harm.

Mother’s Union: Limited effect?

This project will certainly appeal to a number of brands that need to ensure the continued loyalty of mums across the country. There may even be a few others that jump on this bandwagon, but in the greater scheme of things this is only ever going to be a minority of advertisers.

The advertising industry is already heavily regulated in the UK, and rightly, stringent steps are in place to protect us and our children from inappropriate content. More censorship is not the answer. Responsible parenting is.

My concern with this headline-grabbing initiative from The Mother’s Union, is primarily that it sends out the wrong signals to parents, who could as a result let their guard down. They remain the most important custodians of their children’s welfare and delegating this responsibility to advertisers is a mistake.

Paul Robinson, CEO, KidsCo


Comet is on the right lines

Marketing Week

Having read your news article “Comet promotes ’lifestyle’ and fun aspects of products” (MW 16 September), it is encouraging to see a high street brand with a progressive understanding of what the in-store experience means to today’s consumer. Comet recognizes that shoppers want to push buttons, open doors and ask a lot of questions when making major purchases. Web shopping, while often cheaper, does not scratch that itch.

Loyalty is in our data hands

Marketing Week

Defining and measuring loyalty (“How to retain customers and build brand loyalty”, MW 9 September), and understanding its impact on customer revenues has been a constant area of frustration for database marketers over the years. It is complex because customers can be perfectly satisfied with a service but regularly switch suppliers; while others may have a neutral attitude to their supplier but remain a customer over a long period of time.


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