Motorola starts 70m ad blitz

Motorola’s first brand advertising in its 70-year history breaks this week with a 70m global TV campaign.

The “Wings” campaign through McCann-Erickson Worldwide involves a 5m spend in the UK over the next five weeks.

The two executions feature the endlines: “Motorola gives you wings” and “Motorola enables you to take your world with you” and are backed by the Rolling Stones’ hit “You can’t always get what you want”.

A 60-second ad breaks during the Uefa Champions League Final today (Wednesday) – with a 30-second ad to follow – only weeks after rival Ericsson launched its first brand advertising.

Motorola is phasing in branded product names, such as StarTAC, in place of letter and number names for its models.

Patrick Mulligan, Motorola’s UK and Ireland brand manager for 18 months, has been promoted to brand marketing manager for Europe, Middle East and Asia. He is replaced by Anne Burkhardt.

Meanwhile, Motorola’s Page Writer 2000 – a pager that provides Internet access – will be launched in the UK at the end of the year. It is currently available only in the US, and costs $399 (241).


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