Motorola’s EMEA VP takes on emerging markets role

Motorola has expanded the role of Andrew Morley, vice president of marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to include Russia and key Asian markets.

The mobile operator’s marketing directors in India, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Russia will now report to Morley. Overseeing these regions had previously been done on an ad hoc basis.

Meanwhile, Motorola is expected to launch an eco-friendly handset made out of recycled materials in Europe and the UK later this year.

It unveiled the handset at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. The Moto W233 Renew model is expected to launch in the US in March through T-Mobile. It is believed that it will be rolled out across Europe and the UK in the second quarter as part of wider plans for its global launch.

T-Mobile is expected to lead the marketing around Renew in the US, and the success of that launch will have a bearing on how much marketing support it will receive in Europe and the UK.

Motorola’s new launches announced at the CES, which also includes a phone that will be able to withstand being dropped, rain and severe temperatures, come as the handset maker seeks make global job cuts as part of its strategy to make a cost saving of $800m (£553m).


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