Mountain Dew eyes Facebook store launch

Mountain Dew Energy is considering launching its first Facebook store to give fans exclusive access to limited edition drinks.



The PepsiCo-owned drinks brand is shifting its marketing spend away from above-the-line channels in favour of digital – particularly social media.

Senior brand manager Simon Cheape says that it is eyeing the potential for a Facebook store in addition to the Facebook ads it runs.

“It’s not something we’ll do immediately but it’s on the cards,” he said, reiterating the brand’s digital focus. “We’re staying away from above-the-line channels permanently as digital is far more targeted and precisely where our audience is.”

He added that it would position the Facebook store as a vehicle to reward existing fans, giving them exclusive access to special edition drinks before they’re available in store.

Brands have been slow to embrace Facebook stores amid signs that consumers are not interested in buying products via social commerce. Recent research by Havas Media Social and Lightspeed Research found that 89% of people have not bought a single product through Facebook and 44% are not interested in doing so.

FMCG brands in particular have been slow to adopt Facebook stores. In March, Heinz became the first FMCG brand to sell a product via the social network.

Mountain Dew Energy, which returned to the UK last year following a 10,000-strong petition on Facebook, plans several Facebook campaigns this year, and is poised to increase its activity on other social platforms including Twitter and YouTube next year, according to Cheape.

Cheape adds: “Facebook has so far been the hub of all our digital activity, but it’s important not to put all our eggs in one basket, so next year we’ll be looking to extend the brand more onto YouTube and other social networks, and increase our smartphone presence.”

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