Movember targets ‘new generation of fundraisers’ with brand revamp

Anti-cancer initiative Movember is looking to maintain its relevance by targeting a “new generation” of fundraisers through its ‘Generation Mo’ slogan.


In previous years the firm has focused on different types of “gentlemen”, from country gentlemen in 2010 to the modern gentleman in 2011. But this year it is making a play on demographers’ habit of naming successive eras by letter, such as Gen X and Gen Y, by introducing “Gen Mo”.

Adam Garone, Movember co-founder and CEO, told Marketing Week at an event in London today (8 October) that this year is about returning to the initiative’s roots as a driver of change, helping to change attitudes to health among males.

“As for any brand, it is a challenge to maintain relevance, particularly as we become more established. We reinvent the brand each year, but this year is a departure. We want to target a new generation of fundraisers and drive positive change,” said Garone.

Key to Movember’s growth is its relationship with brands. Gillette will once again be the charity’s “grooming partner” and this year is expanding its role from a major sponsorship in just the UK to a global role. HP will once again put moustaches on its bottles, while Marshall and mobile network 3 are all major partners and will kick off their campaign activity at the end of the month. Brands including Tom’s Shoes, Links of London, Eleven Paris and Penhaligon’s are also returning as sponsors.

Plus this year, for the first time, Movember will be producing its own range of merchandise that includes t-shirts and a shave bag. They will all carry the new Movember logos, which feature either a snake as a symbol of healing or the wolf, meant to stand for strength.

Movember began in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 and has since grown to become a global charity with operations in 21 countries. During last year’s campaign, more than 1.1 million registered users raised £92m globally and helped to fuel 2.7 billion conversations around men’s health, Movember says.

The charity has been criticised in the past for seeing its men’s health message sidelined by its success as a fashion movement. But Garone believes without this the charity would not have been able to capture the attention of the traditionally hard to engage young men.

“Fun is the trojan horse to get guys engaged. We package this up in a fun way, but then we arm our supporters with information on health and turn them into walking, talking billboards,” he said.

He claimed the success of the campaign has led to the charity being approached by hundreds of brands across the world, but it wants to make sure it partners with companies that have the same philosophy and culture and can reach its target market.

It also picks partners that can raise awareness of the initiative. Movember spends no money on advertising itself, instead leveraging the marketing spend of the likes of Gillette.

Brands’ 2013 Movember Plans


P&G’s Gillette brand is partnering with Movember for the second year as its “grooming partner”.

HP Sauce

HP Sauce’s limited edition label featuring a moustachioed man will be back again this year.


Footwear maker Toms is teaming up with Movember for the fourth year running with a limited edition collection of three shoes, two for men and one for women. Available from and Schuh stores from late October, proceeds will benefit Movember.

Links of London

The jewellery firm is extending its collaboration with Movember to create a limited edition range of accessories. Moustache cufflinks and charms return again, while Links is expanding its range of bracelets to include brown, grey, blonde and ginger, all with a sterling silver moustache charm. Costing £65, 10 per cent will go to Movember.

Eleven Paris

French brand Eleven Paris is creating two t-shirts, one for men the other for women, that will carry its triangle logo and feature moustache illustrations and the phrase “Moustache Alliance: Brothers in Arms”. A fifth of the money made will go back to Movember.


Penhaligon’s has created a moustache wax that will retail for £5, with the firm donating £2 for every tin sold on their website and in UK stores.



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