MP calls for banned Beatbullying ad to be reinstated

Clearcast’s decision to ban anti-bullying charity Beatbullying’s controversial advert appearing on television is being challenged by MPs.

A group of MPs, led by Anne Maguire, has called an Early Day Motion congratulating the charity for providing a safe online space for victims of bullying to seek help and calls on all MPs to “take meaningful steps to combat bullying and cyber bullying in their constituencies”.

Maguire is calling on Clearcast to reverse its decision to ban the “You can speak out now” ad from airing on TV.

The £1.2m ad campaign, created by M&C Saatchi, sees a girl stitching up her own mouth.

It is currently screened online via YouTube and in cinemas before films rated 12A and above but regulator Clearcast deemed the ad too brutal to be shown on TV.

The disturbing visual is designed to show how victims feel silenced by bullies and drive awareness of the devastating effects bullying can have and promote Beatbullying’s CyberMentor service, a peer networking site where children and teenagers can access support and advice from each other.

In addition to the controversial video ad, Beatbullying has launched a complementary “Speak Out Now” poster campaign, created by KLP, to raise awareness of CyberMentors.

It sees posters encouraging young people to get in touch with the service placed within the changing rooms of JD Sports stores.



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