MP in call to scrap Sport England body

Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster has called for the abolition of the Government’s sports body Sport England as part of plans to create a “joined-up” government response to the country’s obesity crisis.

Sport England has led the Government’s advertising response to the national obesity problem with its “Everyday Sport” campaign, which broke in June fronted by a raft of celebrities (MW June 10). The organisation appointed Team Saatchi to work on the campaign earlier this year (MW February 19).

Foster says the responsibilities of Sport England, including its role in driving the pro-exercise message, should be handed to elected regional bodies. He maintains that the message has been confused by the number of government bodies working on the issue of obesity and that there needs to be a “joined-up” solution.

Foster adds: “We have decided that the best place to join up the work would be at a regional level in elected bodies. They would take on all of Sport England’s roles, including the distribution of lottery funds.”

He says the Liberal Democrat plans would see the Department of Health take a greater role in promoting sport and active living, although he says the party would be likely to close the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.


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