MPG’s cousin craze could be skating on thin ice

It’s been a long time since the world has seen a really good cousin-cousin double act.

Of course, there was Jerry Lee Lewis and his child-bride, but that didn’t last. And there was Robin Cousins, who was good at ice-skating but indisputably just one person.

Not since King George V and Kaiser Wilhelm II brought their lavish production “The Great War” to music-halls and village greens from Paris to the Urals have a pair of cousins set the world alight (as it were).

But all that’s about to change, as Mark Craze joins his cousin and school chum – and who knows, they can legally marry in some US states? – Marc Mendoza at Media Planning Group.

Touchingly, the two will even share a job title: “managing partner”.

Rumours that MPG is set to be renamed the Family Planning Group, however, are manifestly untrue.


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