MPs to probe industry on alcohol ads

Advertising watchdogs and the alcohol industry will be asked to explain how effective self-regulation has been in curbing under-age drinking next week by a group of influential MPs.

Drunk girls

Guy Parker, chief executive of the Advertising Standards Authority and the chief executive of alcohol industry body The Portman Group, David Poley, will appear in front of the Health Select Committee on Thursday (July 2) in the latest stage of an inquiry into the misuse of alcohol.

The two will be quizzed about the effectiveness of self-regulation in curbing excessive drinking and whether drinks marketers are guilty of promoting alcoholic drinks to under-18s.

Others giving evidence include Kate Stross, director of content and standards at Ofcom and Derek Lewis, chairman of The Drinkaware Trust.

The Select Committee last met in May, hearing evidence from Tesco and representatives from the on-trade about the role of sales promotions in the consumption of alcohol.

The committee is expected to hear further evidence before it produces a set of recommendations for the Government later this year.


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