Mrs Kipling to be the face of Oatibakes ad push

A new television advertisement for the Mr Kipling Oatibakes range will reveal what Mrs Kipling looks like for the first time.

The ads will support last month’s launch of Oatbakes, a new range of oat cake bars designed for lunchboxes. They will run from next Friday (5 March) until June.

McCann London and Starcom MediaVest Group have worked on the campaign..

In the ads, Mr and Mrs Kipling are shown eating breakfast together, though Mr Kipling remains hidden behind a newspaper called “The Baker’s Dozen”. Later on, Mrs Kipling, who is played by actress Joan Kempson, is shown eating an Oatibake in bed, while Mr Kipling snores. The ad ends with her saying “I wish he was as exceedingly good at everything else.”

The Oatibakes range called is available in Caramel, Strawberry and Blackcurrant variants. Its packaging features a large window to show the product inside, and stresses it has ’no artificials’ in a ’hand-written’ font to demonstrate Mr Kipling’s ’personal touch’.

According to TNS research, there are 4 billion lunchbox occasions and these are growing by 5.1% year-on-year, worth £5.39bn. Within lunchboxes, consumption of cake is growing by 12%, and is expected to deliver an additional 13 million new Lunchbox cake occasions next year, creating a category opportunity of £9.2 million.

Based on these estimates, Mr Kipling’s parent company Premier Foods predicts the range will drive over £4m incremental sales for the cake category.

A recent study by Leeds University researchers, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, found only 1% of primary schoolchildren’s packed lunches meet the nutritional standards set for school meals in England.


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