Multex £6m brief goes to Masius

Reuters-backed investment information service Multex Investor Europe has appointed Masius to handle its &£6m pan-European creative account. Masius pitched against three other agencies.

A Europe-wide campaign starts in the UK in February, using broadsheet press, TV and specialist magazines. MediaVest is handling media planning and buying.

Masius chief executive Andrew Porter says the Internet portal “offers the only source of genuine professional broker research. It will give direct access to professional opinion”.

The campaign will target people who “enjoy doing their homework” about investments. Porter adds: “The campaign will be humorous. It will congratulate, flatter and identify with the audience.”

Peter Crawshaw, marketing director for Multex Investor, says Masius showed “exceptional understanding” of the sector.

Masius will team up with its D’Arcy partner agencies in Germany and France to plan and execute the campaign in their local markets.

Multex Investor Europe launched a UK website last September.


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