Multichannel retail brands have the edge

@ Your analysis urging retailers to bring all sales channels under one umbrella (MW January 28) really rang true. The need for retailers to plug the gaps in their multichannel strategies is something that we as an agency have been passionately advocating for some years now.

It is no longer enough to have a web presence to complement your existing bricks and mortar operations, or a catalogue that exists as a separate entity to other sales channels.

Now the challenge is to rebuild a brand and business with multichannel in mind. Your consumer must be at the heart of your universe; his journey should be seamless no matter what the vehicle. We are some way off that objective just yet, but it’s heartening to see businesses thinking – if not yet acting – in this way.

Fadi Shuman, co-founder, Pod1



Two-way conversation with critics is best brand defence

Marketing Week

Brands have to stop using tactical corporate methods to silence their customers. Toyota’s president and chief operating officer Jim Lentz sits in front of an autocue, reading a scripted apology for the recall of 1.8 million vehicles because of faulty pedals. The set-up seems desperate and an attempt to save the brand from global humiliation.


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