Mum’s the word for marathon man

Marketers generally know a good deal when they see one. A free trip to New York, including a helicopter flight over Manhattan, fits the bill nicely.

But the Diary has discovered a forthcoming freebie which offers something extra – a new pair of trainers thrown in.

Trainers? Unfortunately for America On Line marketer Matthew Smith, Wranglers Footwear marketer Louisa Minney and 120 other poor souls the trainers are not for traipsing around Bloomingdales.

They are being offered for the slightly more sprightly activity of running the 30th New York marathon.

Still, Smith, sponsored by his world-leading Internet service provider and Minney are intent on getting to the Big Apple by raising heaps of cash for the children’s mobility aids charity Whizz Kidz.

Like a true marketer, Smith has lots of ideas about how to raise his &£1,500, including the immortal line: “I’ll sell my mum.”

If you’ve got similarly innovative fundraising notions and fancy a bit of a jog, get in touch with Whizz Kidz now on 0171-233 6600.


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