Mum’s the word for nutella

Mum’s the word for Nutella

nutellaNutella, the Ferrero-owned brand, is launching a new burst of its “Wake up to Nutella”, which aims to promote the hazelnut spread to mothers as a breakfast option.

The ads, which have been created by Krow, show a group of mums in their kitchens, efficiently dealing with the morning rush and giving their kids a good breakfast before sending them to school. It suggests a 15g portion of Nutella contains two hazelnuts, skimmed milk and cocoa, and contains slow-release energy.

The first burst of the campaign was launched last year, but was banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for implying the spread could make a significant contribution to a balanced breakfast. It has now been amended by focusing on a portion of 15g and suggesting it be spread on toast.

The TV ads will be supported by sampling, press, PR and digital. Ferrero says the brand has see a 34% rise in sales over the past year (ACNielsen).


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