Music magazine to launch on Internet

A music and lifestyle magazine is to be launched on the Internet, featuring video footage and interactive editorial and advertising features.

Prototypes of the magazine rage, will be distributed on disk next week. A 50-page publication will launch in the middle of next month.

Readers will be able to download sections of magazine, including fashion, music reviews and club guides.

Advertising will also be multimedia-based.

Record companies will be able to incorporate previews of albums and videos into advertisements.

There are also plans for electronic shopping through the magazine, and a 24-hour real-time letters page to enable people to communicate with the editorial team and other readers.

“The Internet is gaining more energy. We wanted to aim the magazine at a group of people who were not techno-nerds. This is a much more of a social magazine,” explains rage development director Tyler Moorhead.

The magazine will come out monthly, although some sections will be updated daily or weekly.

It will be distributed on CompuServe, the Cerberus on-line music jukebox service, and the Internet Underground Music Archive.

Features in the launch issue include a look at Cybersex – sex via computer – and an interview with Transvestites With Attitude.