Must there be a conflict of ideas?

David Benady’s special report about creative and media planning (MW January 9) made some good points, but why should it be one or the other? As Kevin Allen says, it’s not a case of either/or, but both together.

With the media-neutrality debate confusing the issue further, is it any wonder that many agencies opt for a clear focus in what they deliver?

We are a small agency that aims to offer an insight-driven approach to marketing services and it’s not an easy proposition to explain. One prospective client made it clear to me recently that he didn’t know which “box” to put us in. Were we a sales promotion agency, an e-marketing company, an analysis shop – what?

Thankfully not all clients think that way, but I can understand why many agencies stick to particular mechanics, media and specialisms. It may not be visionary, but for many clients it’s what they want.

Ivor Purser

Managing director


Malmesbury, Wilts


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