MW reader snaps over Cadbury’s radio ad

A few months ago I vowed that I would never buy Shell Optimax fuel because of the highly irritating radio advertising campaign that continually attacked me whenever I drove to or from work, when, to be fair, my mood is not at its best anyway.

Now, I am being aurally assaulted by an even more nauseating 30 seconds or so that aims to encourage people to buy Cadbury Snaps. I find that my natural response to this ad is to seek out the gentleman singing while playing his guitar and throttle him, but after more thought it occurs to me that the “artist” involved should probably not be the only focus of my desire for physical retribution.

Because once again a creative agency has had the bare-faced cheek to offer up the concept to the client, which remarkably has approved the development of the ad style and even more amazingly, signed it off on behalf of his company. This should be a sackable offence in itself.

So, perhaps I should declare a Fatwa upon all of them to help raise the standards of radio advertising? Perhaps Marketing Week should run a weekly column to name and shame those responsible for terrible radio ads? Perhaps I’m just overreacting?

No – the Cadbury Snaps ad really is crime against humanity – and no Cadbury Snap will ever pass my lips again!

Peter Eldon

Sales and marketing director

Sanyo Europe



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