MXR steps up marketing plans for digital radio stations

MXR, the DAB digital radio consortium, is stepping up its marketing plans with a move towards promoting its digital brands as well as the medium. The move coincides with MXR extending its marketing remit to handle Capital Group’s Xfm and Capital Gold, UBC’s Classic Gold and Chrysalis Radio’s LBC.

The consortium, comprising Capital Radio Group, Chrysalis Radio, Guardian Media Group and UBC Digital, is finalising a marketing budget for the next two years which will include a media spend for each brand in MXR.

MXR marketing director Diane Wray says the consortium will continue to promote digital radio and that stepping up its focus on the choice available to digital listeners should benefit both the brands and the medium overall.

MXR will include the four new brands on its website and they will form part of its tactical Driving Digital Crew, which gives consumers the chance to sample the stations and see the hardware. It works in association with Ford and a number of electrical retailers.

The consortium has also appointed Manchester-based Clear Marketing to develop a pack of digital brand cards, which include details about each station and its positioning. The pack has been designed in response to retailer requests. It will be available in stores alongside the range of DAB radios, again to show the choice of stations available.


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