Myleene Klass to front branded M&S online show

Marks & Spencer is launching an online fashion programme starring brand ambassador Myleene Klass.

Myleene Klass
Myleene Klass

The online television show, called “Myleene’s Makeovers,” will tackle “common shopping problems” in 10-minute programmes.

The programmes feature real M&S customers with fashion dilemmas being advised by Myleene on what clothes from M&S’s fashion ranges Autograph, Limited Collection and Portfolio would suit them.

The digital TV show, which launches today (19 August), is part of M&S’s ongoing strategy to build more personal relationships with customers.

The content, which has been created for M&S by video content agency Adjust Your Set, is integrated with click-to-buy technology that links to the M&S e-commerce site.

Adjust Your Set, which also developed the retailer’s branded digital channel M&S TV, claims the technology has previously boosted M&S sales by around 30%.

It is the first branded online content that M&S has developed to be served as a “bite size version” of a TV format.

Klass has been one of M&S’s brand ambassadors since 2007, involved in advertising for its fashion ranges and also for M&S Money.

Simon Wood, M&S head of web operations, says: “Adjust Your Set is enabling us to deliver a far more personalised shopping experience, one that is effective, repeatable and measurable.

“By hosting the content on our own site, and with that content closely integrated into the ecommerce mechanism, we can have a much higher level of engagement with our customers. Myleene’s Makeovers are entertaining, but they also help customers make better informed purchases both online and in-store.”

Chris Gorell Barnes, CEO Adjust Your Set, added: “In order to drive true customer engagement it is necessary to develop new formats that help consumers learn more about themselves through their relationship with a brand.

“By taking the time to listen to their customers’ issues and responding in an informative and entertaining way, Marks & Spencer are setting a new standard in customer service that elevates their relationship from buyer and seller to confidant and friend. Many brands talk about deepening the relationship with their customers, with Myleene’s Makeovers, Marks and Spencer are actually delivering it.”


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