MySpace chief hints at iPod rival

MySpace chief executive Chris DeWolfe has hinted that the social networking site will launch a MP3 music player device to rival the Apple iPod.

Speaking at the Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco on Thursday (November 6), DeWolfe said it was “possible” it would launch a device to support MySpace Music, which was launched in September, although he added there were “no immediate plans”.

MySpace Music is a one-stop portal for music fans and is considered to be a competitor to Apple’s iTunes, but with more of a focus on “community and sharing”. Apple has since launched Genius, a recommendation and playlist building feature.

DeWolfe added that MySpace does not see the Genius application as a rival to MySpace Music and that he believes that the social networking site actually adds to iPod sales. He also said that the two would only truly compete if MySpace launched its own MP3 device.


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