Napster UK parts company with vice-president

Napster UK vice-president and general manager Leanne Sharman is leaving the digital music download company following a restructure. It is centralising its European management and will scale back its UK office as part of the changes.

The company has expanded the role of Thorsten Schliesche, the general manager of its German sales team, to include responsibility for sales and marketing across Europe.

Napster president Brad Duea says the restructure will help to manage its European market more efficiently. He adds: “At this moment in time, it makes sense for Napster to centralise the European management structure in Frankfurt.”

The UK office will continue to support local music programming and marketing activities but will be moved to corporate operations will be based in Luxembourg.

Napster is one of the largest digital music providers and last year reported global revenue of more than $100m. The company is planning to expand its business through a partnership with Ericsson, including deals with O2 in Ireland and TMN in Portugal.


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