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  1. Adam Hays 29 Mar 2017

    I find it interesting how storytelling is such a widely important marketing concept stretching from the more-obvious National Geographic to the NBA. National Geographic is a company that I have always adored. I myself follow them on Instagram and love how they tell not just one story but many different stories through many different lenses. All these stories have one common theme, nature and harmony. All these stories may be a little different but all represent the companies’ overall mission, and that is good, clear marketing. When connecting storytelling to marketing, the NBA is not the first corporation I would think of however this article opened my eyes to how different stories can be. Each game in itself is a story with many different viewpoints, the players, the coaches, the referees, and the fans. Their technique of allowing a fan to see the “player’s view” is a great way to tell a different story within the same game. I think that the NBA app and website should expand to not just focus on different ways to tell the story of one specific game but highlight stories on individual players and coaches. Telling these stories will further engage the fans giving them a personal connection to each player. Stories are universal and can be told in many different ways through different types of media and languages. Marketers need to look at their target audience, their companies core values and vision, and bridge the gap between the two to create a successful story. Stories give consumers personal connection, empathy, and deeper understanding, all of which are important in marketing.

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