National Savings director Hickman-Robertson quits

Patrick Hickman-Robertson is retiring as marketing director of the Government’s troubled National Savings Agency (NSA).

Hickman-Robertson has been with the state-owned savings vehicle for 27 years and has twice filled the post of marketing director. He retires this week.

Deputy directors Jack Tochoch and Sue Simpson will take over responsibility for marketing until a new marketing director is appointed.

Hickman-Robertson says: “I first became marketing director in 1979, then did a stint on the policy side before returning to it. It’s been an interesting time at National Savings.”

NSA is the second largest saving organisation in the UK and has an annual ad spend of &£10m.

It was rocked by scandal last year when thousands of Premium Bonds bought under the power of attorney, since 1991, were found to be invalid.

Ernie, the machine which picks premium bond winners, also hit the headlines when a programming error led to winners not being notified.

The Government last month launched a five-yearly review of National Savings, which could result in it being privatised.

National Savings is gearing up for a fresh round of ads to tie in with the second year of Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) in April.


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