National Trust appoints TDA for DM campaign

The National Trust has appointed direct marketing agency TDA to handle its New Year fundraising appeal campaign.

The campaign will focus on helping to save the New Inn -an eighteenth century posting inn at Stowe Landscape Gardens in Buckinghamshire – from collapse.

Around 200,000 people will be contacted via a direct mail communication that highlights the historical and cultural significance of the inn, whilst conveying the extent of its dilapidation.

The audience will comprise of existing donors as well as local National Trust members who may not have responded to fundraising appeals from the charity in the past.

Louise McRae, head of direct fundraising at National Trust, says: “It really is our last chance to save this remarkable building from collapse. New Inn was originally built as the ‘front door’ to the exquisite gardens of the Stowe estate and it is possibly the first example of an establishment created specifically for estate visitors. We believe this campaign will appeal equally to our regular donors and to local members in and around Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire who are less aware of our charity status.”

TDA says that by tailoring the campaign proposition to each audience segment, the charity hopes that people will feel inspired to visit the property once it is restored, and give generously to support the restoration.

David Burrows, head of fundraising at TDA, says: “Developing members into donors is always a challenge for organisations like the National Trust. However, the charm and significance of this building is immense, and we believe its story will resonate with local members of the charity and traditional donors alike.”


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