National Trust extends into branded food and drinks

The National Trust is launching a range of branded British food and drinks as part of a long-term brand extension strategy.

National Trust Beer
National Trust Beer

The range will include beer, fresh produce, breads, and biscuits produced by specialist suppliers under licence by the National Trust. The Trust already produces licensed home, garden and leisure products.

The range is inspired by the National Trust’s values of quality, environmental sensitivity and sustainability, and many take cues from traditional British recipes the Trust holds in its archives.

National Trust Pembrokeshire Potatoes, grown on the Trust’s Trehill farm in Pembrokeshire, Viceroy India Pale Ale brewed with hops from Scotney Castle and three traditional recipe breads are among the first branded products to appear in stores. The potatoes will be distributed in the Co-Op in Wales while Asda and selected Waitrose outlets will carry some lines in England.

National Trust head of agriculture Rob Macklin says: “We’re running several campaigns that promote the idea of sustainable food but this is the first time that we have been able to put our ideas into practice by creating a range of high-quality, affordable priced food and drinks.”

In August the National Trust appointed marketing communications agency Initials to help boost its number of brand partnerships and build on the 20% increase of visitors experienced this year.

The National Trust has 300 properties and more than 3.5 million members.

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