National Trust makeover must be far-reaching

It’s good to hear the National Trust trying to improve its image but I really hope it does indeed try harder to make an actual visit to one of its properties a more pleasant experience.

I don’t think I have visited one since a trip to Waddesdon Manor some years ago, where I was charged about 15p for a slab of butter (we were not allowed to have our own picnic) and my 4-year-old daughter was heavily scolded by some old crow when she inadvertently went under a rope in one of the viewing rooms.

She’s 17 now.

R Woolston


Consultancy creates B2B community

Marketing Week

A global consultancy has created an email-driven community of C-level executives active in 32 markets. Accenture has appointed CreatorMail to deliver its marketing messages to 750 senior decision makers around the world.


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