Nationwide football a case study in value

While it is encouraging to see the debate rumble on regarding the contribution of sports sponsorship to the marketing mix (MW last week), it is sad to read some of the  rather blinkered views being expressed in relation to Nationwide’s decision to adjust its marketing mix towards additional television advertising.

Our agency has worked extensively with Nationwide since 1999, helping to exploit its various football properties, and it is  a shame that some of the  dynamic, creative activities that have been developed during this period seem to have been dismissed or misunderstood by some commentators. The campaign strategy combined all elements of the marketing mix, and has been heralded by many as a case study of how to extract best value from sports sponsorship.

With the demise of the sponsorship, I could easily be crying into my cappuccino, given that our agency is predominantly a below-the-line resource that Nationwide has utilised in this field. However, any marketer worth his salt must surely see the benefits to Nationwide in conveying a strong, consistent brand message in a compelling way through a sensible realignment of its marketing mix, which incidentally still includes sports and music sponsorship.

Surely, Nationwide should be congratulated for staying ahead of the game, as the world of football sponsorship and, for that matter, the  financial services sector, has changed significantly since it entered it.

Paul Goodwin

Managing director

Big Blue Star Marketing

Kippen FK7


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