Natwest pulls ads after fraudsters target app

Natwest has pulled advertising of its GetCash mobile app after admitting fraudsters had attempted to hijack the service to steal money from customers’ accounts.


The app allowed customers to withdraw funds from ATMs without using their cards. Concerns over the security of the service were first raised earlier this week after the BBC’s Money Box programme reported customers had been defrauded.

The financial business has now suspended ads for the app, which featured in the bank’s “helpful banking” product and service based ads, while improvements to security are made.

A spokeswoman for Natwest, says: “We are aware of an increase in fraudsters targeting customers with phishing attacks to gain access to the GetCash service.

“We have currently disabled the GetCash service while we increase the level of security required. We will enable the service again once this change is complete. We will refund any customers who have suffered loss as a result of fraud via the GetCash service.”

It is the second time this year that Natwest has been forced to pull planned ads. In June, promotion of its services was halted after a technical hitch left thousands of customers unable to withdraw their salaries.


Ruth Mortimer

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Ruth Mortimer

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