Near-field communication is future of mobile connection

The fact that technological advances always take a while to bed in might explain the results of research showing that the biggest barriers to wider use of QR codes are a lack of knowledge about them, resulting in consumer apathy towards the technology (MW 8 September).

However, we know from the campaigns we have carried out so far that near-field communication (NFC) executions are far more intuitive to operate, offer quicker downloads and provide more engaging content than QR codes. But we must make sure that the whole experience is a rewarding one that requires minimal effort from the device user to benefit.

This means making it clear from the outset which phones are NFC-enabled and that a simple tap or wave on the NFC-tagged poster or display is all that’s needed to participate.

As an industry we must establish a consistency of delivery so consumers don’t end up confused and uninterested as they are about QR codes.

Neil Garner, CEO, Proxama


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