Nectar offers points for Oxfam donations

Nectar is extending its partnership with Oxfam to offer loyalty points for items donated to the charity.

Nectar Oxfam
Laura Whitmore to front PR drive for Oxfam Nectar scheme.

Supporters can connect their Nectar account with Oxfam’s existing ‘Tag Your Bag’ initiative – technology which is currently used to track and apply Gift Aid to donations.

The Tag Your Bag system allows Oxfam to track each item so Nectar points are awarded when donations are eventually sold rather than on the volume of items donated. It is designed to incentivise people to donate better quality items that are more likely to be sold and raise funds for the charity.

Nectar holders will earn two points for every £1 worth of donations to Oxfam – the same collection metric which applies at other partners including Sainsbury’s, Amazon and British Gas. Customers will also receive a 100 point bonus when they sign up to Tag your Bag.

James Frost, Nectar marketing director told Marketing Week: “It offers Nectar holders another way to collect more points and it’s an innovative solution that’s powered by the technology they use for Gift Aid, so it’s an effective way of generating donations and another example of Nectar being used to promote positive behaviour.”

The launch will be supported by a marketing campaign including direct, digital and in-store communications as well as a PR campaign fronted by TV presenter Laura Whitmore. Collectors will also get a text from Oxfam thanking them for their donations when their first item sells.

Shoppers will now be able to sign up to Nectar in Oxfam stores.

Nectar first partnered with Oxfam last year to offer members the opportunity to redeem loyalty points against Oxfam Unwrapped gifts.

The scheme is part of the loyalty programme’s efforts to use reward points to encourage positive behaviour change. It has also partnered with a number of local council organisations to offer Nectar points to households that increase recycling or visit gyms and health centres. Sainsbury’s customers earn Nectar points for reusing plastic bags and British Gas customers earn points for switching to paperless billing.