Nectar to pull ads after BP sites blunder

Nectar has been ordered by the Independent Television Commission to amend its television ad after receiving complaints that BP outlets sharing sites with Safeway supermarkets were not taking part in the loyalty points scheme.

Following confirmation from Nectar that 71 BP outlets were not taking part in the scheme, the ITC upheld complaints from four viewers that the TV ad was misleading because it had not made the restriction clear. BP is a member of the Nectar scheme, but Safeway is not. Where BP shares a site with Safeway, BP customers are not able to collect Nectar points when they pay for the petrol in the supermarket.

  • The ITC also received 29 complaints from viewers over two TV ads for the non-alcoholic beer Kaliber. Created by Abbott Mead Vickers.BBDO, one shows a bus driver drinking from what appears to be a beer bottle and the other a doctor doing the same while advising a bed-ridden patient about a forthcoming operation.

But the ITC decided that the bus driver ad was not likely to encourage drink-driving and that neither ad was likely to bring the featured occupations into disrepute.


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