Neolane brings lead management back home

With the launch of its B2B lead management application Neolane Leads, the software provider says it is bringing best practice in the sector back home.

“We have a lot of experience working with B2B companies and in the US for the past year, we have had the lead management optimisation offering available as software-as-a-service,” says Etienne Villard, marketing director EMEA.

As a European company originally from France, Neolane is keen to bring the knowledge and service it has built in the US to its home market. “We feel the market in Europe is ready for enterprise B2B marketing beyond lead management, which has been growing rapidly,” he says.

The new software allows business leads to be imported, nurtured and actioned within an end-to-end marketing process. Combining lead scoring with data cleansing, deduplication and matching, as well as workflow and self-service, the system is intended to be a marketing engine for non-technical marketers. “This is Neolane coming home,” says Villard.





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