Nestlé CEO says businesses need to “create shared value” to be successful

Business can only be successful by “creating shared value” for both shareholders and society, according to Nestlé CEO Paul Bulcke.

Nestle campaign
Nestle campaign

Bulcke says this is the philosophy that drives Nestlé’s business activity and “goes beyond sustainability”.

Speaking on day two of the Global Summit in London, Bulcke said industry associations such as The Consumer Goods Forum were the vehicle for manufacturers and retailers to address common issues and conflicts and to align, develop and implement common best practices.

“Doing good by doing well, collectively, will allow us to create value for our consumers and shoppers, our industry and our stakeholders and society. It is truly an equation where one plus one makes three – or even eleven,” he said.

He warned that business has become removed from society and adds that “We must put back the human face.”

Also at the conference, sustainability guru, Tony Juniper called on businesses to better tackle the increased risk of extreme weather events and “abrupt and irreversible changes” in the climate system. “Muddling along is not sufficient. We need an unprecedented global project,” he said, adding, “It’s time to show real leadership – the world needs it and time is running out.”

Yesterday, Sir Terry Leahy, CEO of Tesco, and Paul Polman, CEO of consumer goods giant Unilever, gave an unequivocal call for immediate, concerted and collaborative action on climate change.


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