Nestle looks to “reinvigorate” Polo brand

Nestle has announced it is to launch the first new advertising push for confectionery brand Polo in ten years.

The online, outdoor and PR drive is being launched by Nestle later this month to “reinvigorate” the brand.

The £2.5m campaign, created by CHI&Partners, focuses on two types of Polo mint consumers – ’Suckers or Crunchers.”

It is targeted at “medium to light buyers”,which make-up 80% of Polo consumers but are currently only responsible for 27% of sales of the mint sweets.

Such consumers are much more responsive to instore marketing, according to Nestle.

Nestle says the campaign is designed to focus on emotional reasons for buying the brand by re-establishing its quirky, fun and playful ’personality’, rather than more rational thought processes, such as a need for fresh breath, which dominates mint advertising.

“Polo is a truly iconic British brand that consumers love, but consumers haven’t heard from us in a number of years, so we’re going to re-ignite consumer love for the brand by reminding them about the playful mint with the hole through the campaign “Are you a sucker or cruncher?” says a Nestle spokesperson.

The campaign will run nationwide in convenience store and motorway service station locations and on MSN, Facebook and Yahoo online.

Nestle revealed confectionery growth had been slower in Europe compared to other markets in its half year results, announced earlier this week


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