Nestlé targets adults with Milkybar range

Watch the new Milkybar campaign here

Nestlé is launching its biggest ever marketing campaign to support the launch of its new Milkybar variant.

The confectioner is launching a white chocolate bar with raisin and biscuit, made with natural ingredients, to appeal to adults and drive innovation in the white chocolate market.

The launch is being supported by a TV, digital and outdoor campaign inviting adults to become the Milkybar Kid in the next phase of advertising.

She says the raisin and biscuit bar could potentially lead further product development aimed at adults from Milkybar.

The white chocolate market is worth £70m and Milkybar is the market leader, with a 60% share.

Michelle Roberts, Milkybar brand manager told Marketing Week: “We’ve not really done anything with our market leading position so the launch is about the wider appeal of white chocolate.”

The digital camapaign, which includes an Augmented Reality (AR) application, accounts for 23% of the total marketing spend – the most Nestle has invested in a digital campaign.

As well as the AR app to create a digital audition tape as the Milkybar Kid, there is an iPhone app which edits an uploaded photo to make the user look lke the iconic cowboy character.

The “Ungrow Up” campaign, created by Santo Agency, breaks on TV on 2 August.

Cadbury launched Dream, a white chocolate bar aimed at adults in 2001, but the bar failed to have the impact Cadbury hoped for.


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