Nestlé to roll out bite-size extension of Toffee Crisp

Nestlé extending the Toffee Crisp brand with the launch of a bite-size product, due to launch later this autumn.

It will be positioned as a “sharing” product and will target the female market. It is understood it will be launched in a larger size, but will be extended into the impulse sector if it proves successful.

It is also understood that the product will have the same light texture as the bar, which consists of chocolate, toffee and rice, and will use the same orange and yellow packaging.

The launch is expected to be supported with a press and poster campaign, although it is not clear if it will receive TV support. It is thought to be the confectionery giant’s key launch before Christmas.

It is the first time Nestl頨as extended the bar in the UK, although the product is already available in Germany.

Nestl頩s believed to be keen to break into the bite-size market. It extended Aero into the category in 2005 with Aero Bubbles, building on the “Have you felt the Bubbles melt?” positioning of the core brand.

It also launched KitKat Kubes, smaller pieces of its four-finger bar, in 2003. Despite investing about 7m in the launch, it was withdrawn in 2005 after failing to make an impact with consumers.

The bite-size category is dominated by Mars-owned brands Maltesers, Galaxy Minstrels and Revels. Last year, it extended its flagship Mars brand into the category with Mars Planets.


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