Net mag to make over-50s quiver

“It’s not just about gardening, bridge, Stannah stair-lifts and colostomy bags.” No, quite. According to new online magazine, for the over-50s, life is all about tantric sex.

Lifebegins is targeting senior citizens who “have lived life to the full and have no intention of slowing down”, and, to prove its point, the magazine is sending out a book entitled A Beginner’s Guide to Tantric Sexuality.

Unfortunately, the book is not illustrated with pictures of Lifebegins contributor Diana Moran, better known as the Green Goddess, but, hey, let’s not push those pacemakers too far.

Apparently middle age is “the beginning of a 30-year period of personal enjoyment and self-indulgence”.

Sounds fantastic, the Diary can’t wait.

If the raunchy theme continues – and it looks like it might, what with over-50s gay relationships being the next subject, er, coming up – Lifebegins might find itself with a barrage of under-50s avidly logging on.


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