Net revolution needs policing

So Internet revenue is going to be dominated by the porn industry well into the next millennium, according to Datamonitor (MW May 27). Is that really so surprising?

I would suggest that a quick check on most men’s Internet “bookmarks” would reveal more than the occasional “one-handed” surfing site – these aren’t necessarily paid for either. The influx of male Internet “interest” magazines is further proof, if it were needed, of the burgeoning porn market.

In fact, just try typing the word “porn” into any Web search engine and see how many matches it finds – often into the millions I am reliably informed by male counterparts.

What is more worrying, is the likelihood of young children accessing these sites, not at school where one would hope the protective software would be in place, but at home. And with the growth of PCs in children’s bedrooms, it is certainly a worrying factor.

We read much about the Web’s role in reshaping the world as we know it, but exactly who is policing this revolution?

Carole Cheadle

Marketing consultant

London SW1


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