Never tyre of the good old survey

The Diary receives the results of dozens of surveys, all with attendant, lovingly crafted press releases. It has never, however, been approached to take part in the things, which is saddening – the look on the researcher’s face as the Diary explains that it is nameless, ageless and gender-unspecific would be one to treasure.

Nonetheless, this week’s little flock of factoids comes courtesy of Vauxhall, and it concerns the times and locations in which people have their best ideas.

Apparently, the bath is the best place, and the morning is the best time for coming up with brainwaves – although, strangely enough, cars do rather well.

The Diary, which does most of its thinking in another part of the bathroom, can’t help wondering at which point in the evening (and in which pub) the idea for the survey was conceived…


Omnicom Group’s income marginally up

Marketing Week

Omnicom Group’s income after tax for the first quarter of 2003 is marginally up on last year – from $128.56m to $128.58m (from £80.78m to £80.8m). Worldwide revenue increased by 12 per cent to $1.9bn (£1.2bn).

Selling like hot radio receivers

Marketing Week

Your media analysis on digital radio (MW last week) was spot on in its assessment of the potential of DAB for advertisers, and the need for Rajar measurement of digital radio stations to demonstrate broadcaster confidence in the medium. I do, however, take issue with Mark Helm of MediaVest in his evaluation of the new […]


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