New ad for Tic Tac

Banks Hoggins O’Shea/FCB has created its first £2.5m ad campaign for Ferrero UK’s Tic Tac brand. Called The Small Guy, the ad, which breaks on January 17, features a man who is less than four feet tall, but very chic.

He attracts a beautiful, tall woman back to his flat where he flips a Tic Tac in the air and catches it in his mouth. The woman sinks to her knees to kiss him, and the ad finishes with the strapline ‘Tic Tac – Small but cool’.

A 30-second execution will also hit cinema screens in Carlton, Meridian and Anglia regions for six weeks from January 16. Barry Malone, associate partner at Banks Hoggins, says: “We wanted to produce advertising for Tic Tac that is true to the heritage of the brand but a bit edgier.”


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