New app allows brands to assign their fans to deal with complaints

Conversocial claims that its CROWDS technology will allow businesses to cut down millions on customer service by deploying shoppers to deal with complaints on behalf of their favourite brands.

The business app allows brands to find, and narrow down, any negative comments posted about them on Twitter. It will then assign a brand advocate – a member of the public who likes the brand – to offer tips and deal directly with the complaint.

To ensure things remain cordial, a call centre agent monitors the exchange and has the power to intervene at any time.

“We believe this can save British brands millions by allowing them to slash a lot of unnecessary customer service costs,” says Conversocial founder Joshua March, who claims the service is a ‘world first.’

“The rising trust economy is opening a pathway for a down-to-earth, effective customer service which lives in the cloud. It is giving consumer’s a voice, whether that’s airbnb or what we offer.”

Conversocial says it is in talks with several UK brands and political parties, including one major soft drink brand and one of the big three parties, about launching partnerships with the technology.

Conversocial’s seperate twitter-scanning technology has already been utilised by Hertz, Barclaycard and Tesco. The latter using Conversocial to find any tweets about the horsemeat scandal so they could be directed towards a special social media team.