New campaign – Barnardo’s

Barnardo’s is highlighting the difficulties faced by children who look after sick or disabled family members in a direct response TV, radio and online campaign breaking this week.

The work is the first for the children’s charity through Archibald Ingall Stretton (AIS) and features a voiceover by actress Helen Mirren.

It follows the daily problems of an eight-year-old schoolboy called Daniel who has to care around the clock for his mother. The ad ends asking viewers to pledge a monthly donation of 2 "before he reaches breaking point".

Barnardo’s says 175,000 children in the UK face similar problems and it offers support through 14 centres. Matt Morley-Brown, creative director at AIS, says/ "We visited one of the charity’s projects to meet some of these children and many of them had shared the same experiences of bullying, poor school attendance, depression and fatigue."


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