New campaign – BBC

BBC’s Gorillaz tactic for Olympics

Gorillaz%20campaign%2C%20Damon%20Albarn%20and%20Jamie%20HewlettThe BBC has collaborated with Gorillaz creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett to create a campaign to support the Beijing Olympics.

The BBC Sport campaign is based on the traditional Chinese folk story Journey to the West, and will break in late July. The campaign features Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, who use different Olympic sports to get to Beijing.

The corporation says it hopes to target younger audiences through websites and social networking sites including Facebook, Bebo and MSN, as well as mobile activity. The trails will run on TV, radio and online, and play throughout the BBC’s coverage of the Olympics in title sequences, programme graphics and set design.

Hewlett and Albarn have worked alongside the BBC’s roster agencies RKCR/Y&R and Red Bee Media.


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