New Campaign – Cadbury Dairy Milk

Publicis is bringing “love and tenderness” to screens with its latest campaign for Cadbury Dairy Milk.

The “First Taste, First Love” ad, which breaks on March 20, tells a love story that spans 30 years thanks to a piece of Dairy Milk. The ad starts in the 1970s and shows a teenage schoolboy offering a piece of his Cadbury’s chocolate to a girl on a bus. The pair fall in love and the following scenes show their first date, their wedding and a family portrait being taken with their baby. The picture then morphs into the baby as a teenage boy. The last scene shows the boy offering a girl a piece of his Dairy Milk on a bus.

The ad is set to Dusty Springfield’s “Take Another Little Piece of My Heart” and is part of Cadbury’s “Happiness” strategy, which is its umbrella marketing campaign for the Dairy Milk brand.


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