Ads can cut through in our clutter-free junctions

Marketing Week

TV United was a surprisingly harmonious affair, and progress was made in showing advertisers that the medium remains strong and vital, says Jim Hytner Firework. Instructions for use: put Channel 4’s Andy Barnes, Carlton Sales’ Martin Bowley, BSkyB’s Mark Chippendale, Viacom’s Paul Curtis, Granada Enterprises’ Graham Duff, IDS’s Mark Howe, Five’s Nick Milligan and ITV […]

Convention catches up with the Smart

Marketing Week

Slow sales have seen DaimlerChrysler rethink the Smart’s positioning, from fun and fashionable to a more upmarket brand. John Stones reports The Smart may look like it was inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, but it has landed on Earth with a bump. Relatively disappointing sales mean that DaimlerChrysler will roll out new models, including […]

Protesters demonstrate method behind madness

Marketing Week

While the May Day protests achieve little, it would be remiss of economists to ignore what lurks beneath the dreadlocks and violence, says George Pitcher I was mildly irritated last Thursday night to be stuck in a cab in Trafalgar Square as riot police charged up the Strand to quell a hot-spot of May Day […]


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