New campaign – Ford

Ford ad strikes a different note

Ford’s new TV ad for its Focus model will feature an orchestra playing musical instruments made entirely from car parts.

The campaign, which has been created by Ogilvy Advertising and breaks on February 4, is the brainchild of two American composers. Hollywood film composer Craig Richey and New York sound designer Bill Milbrodt took 21 parts from the new Focus and arranged for them to be played by an orchestra.

Milbrodt’s team took apart a Focus five-door hatchback that had just come off the production line. Milbrodt says: “We took the doors and fenders off, but we had the body shell intact and we later cut out of that the parts we wanted.”

The team built 31 instruments, each of which was given a name, from the parts. The instruments included the Clutch Guitar, Fender Bass, Handheld Gear Tambourine and Door Harp.


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Marketing Week

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