New Campaigns – Frubes

Yoplait Dairy Crest’s Frubes brand starts a television sponsorship on the Cartoon Network next month as part of its summer advertising campaign.

Frubes will sponsor Friday mornings on the Cartoon Network, as part of “Freezing Friday”, every week in July. Viewers will see their TV screen “freeze over” and will be asked to help “unfreeze the Cartoon Network” by answering a question.

The sponsorship credits – two ten-second and two five-second executions – show Frubes characters frolicking on a beach before freezing, with the voiceover declaring: “Freezing Fridays sponsored by Frrrubes.” The spots feature characters used in the latest Frubes ads: Burt the Lifeguard, Frank the Footballer, Si the Surfer and Stanley the Rapper.

As well as the “Freezing Friday” sponsorship on Cartoon Network, there will be a special, limited-edition freezing pack and a Cartoon Network-produced Frubes interactive TV game.

As part of the push, Frubes packaging will change to a freezing pack, with a special design on Frubes’ nine- and 12-packs and the message “Try me frozen”.


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