New Campaigns – Kia Sportage

Mustoes has created a £3m campaign for car manufacturer Kia, which will be unveiled on July 4.

The 40-second ad features the new Kia Sportage 4×4, which retails for less than £14,500. In the ad, written by Mick Mahoney and art directed by Andy Amadeo, the car is positioned against a hatchback, with the proposition “Do you spend £14,500 on a hatchback or get a brand new 4×4 for less?”. The Sportage is shown performing on animated African plains, speeding the characters in the ad over rough terrain away from a surprise warrior attack.

The campaign continues Mahoney and Amadeo’s relationship with the character designer Peter Fowler. The work is directed by Pete Candeland, who previously directed animated videos for Damon Albarn’s Gorillaz pop group, through Passion Animation. Media planning and buying is handled by M2M.


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